Big band at Kelvin Club on Tuesday 6 Feb

this is a group email to let you know about a gig.

Tuesday 6 Feb

set 1 7.30 pm
Small band Ken schroder + the rhythm section

Set 2 9 pm

The Big Band 17 piece

playing a set of charts written or transcribed/modified by Ken
including music by Duke Ellington, the Count basie band (he didn’t
write charts but had good orchestrators on board), Gil Ebans and
Schroder originals and jazz standards as well!

The New One will be a big band arrangement of pop tune “I Say a little
Prayer” (Bacharach/David) adapted from the version where Roland Kirk
ripped it apart
at newport Jazz Festival in 1968

An unlikely choice but I think you’ll find it fun at the very least.

Booking is a good idea. 9654 5711

Hope to see you there,

Ideas by Pixels At Dawn