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Schroder’s Big Band new CD live at the Kelvin Club

this is a group email to let you know that schroder’s big Band is
releasing a new cD .
It’s called cubism , WHICH IS ALSO A TUNE WRITTEN BY ME.
You may have been there when we recorded it, at the Kelvin Club in
melbourne Lane, Melbourne.

2 live sessions, the first in December 2014 and the latter one in
December 2016.

Both nights were recorded by James Clark and he had the assistance of
the late and much missed hugh MacDonald on the earlier occasion.

We did one set of big band music on the earlier date, and two sets on
the latter.

So CD 1 has 7 tracks, and CD 2 has 13 tracks.

It’s $30 if you’d like one!

The music includes music by me, Cubism, Zoom Factor, The Offering,
some miles Davis/Gil Evans- Miles ahead, New Rhumba,
some Ellington, some Basie, some standards, some soul- lotsa stuff!

All instrumental as anything, good soloists some verging on great.

There’ll be a launch of this cD in early October at the Kelvin Club
(no gig in August as I’m off for a winter holiday)

If you’re a member of the Kelvin Club, you can pick one up there,
just tap Jim Colbert on the shoulder, he knows where they are.

if you’d like to get one before October you can pay by Paypal and
i’ll post you one.
you know Paypal is accessed by email address but you could go to my
website I think there’s a link there to Paypal.

Radio program people will be sent a free copy,
all the best,

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