Weatherbird with Musical NotesWelcome to an aural feast!
Here’s a selection of tracks from Ken’s featured albums – if you would like to purchase an album, or if you have any questions, please contact Ken through the contact page. Enjoy!

From ‘Cubism’ – Schroder’s Big Band
Schroder’s Big Band – ‘The Goon Show’
Schroder’s Big Band – ‘The Offering’

From ‘SHaBooM’
Shaboom – ‘Shaboom’
Shaboom – ‘Zoom Factor’
Shaboom – ‘The Offering’
Shaboom – ‘Short and Sweet’
Shaboom – ‘Line For Leigh’
Shaboom – ‘Drop Me A Line’

From ‘Casa Nova’
Casa Nova – Shoelaces

From ‘Jazz At Richmond Hill : Volume 1’
JARH1 : The Last Time I Saw Paris
JARH1 : Gloria’s Step

From ‘Jazz At Richmond Hill : Volume 2’
JARH2 : Silent Night
JARH2 : Fat’s Blows

From ‘Jazz At Richmond Hill : Volume 3’
JARH3 : I’ve Never Been To Cuba
JARH3 : Cubism

From ‘Porgy & Bess : Catfish Row’
Porgy & Bess : Bess You Is My Woman Now
Porgy & Bess : My Man’s Gone Now

From ‘Return Journey’
Return Journey : Heathrow
Return Journey : Zago The Albanian

From ‘Some New Stuff’
Some New Stuff : Multimedia
Some New Stuff : Conga In The Donc

From ‘Zoo Music’
Zoo Music : Panther
Zoo Music : Eucalypso