Fwd: SCHRODER’S BIG BAND at KELVIN CLUB on Tuesday 4 December

> Hi ,
> this is a group email to let you know about a gig.
> SCHRODER’S BIG BAND at the KELVIN CLUB (Melbourne lane, off Russell
> St, between Bourke and Lt Collins Sts, City on the east side)
> Tuesday 4 December
> 2 Sets
> Set 1 7.30pm Small Group
> Schroder with the rhythm section “The Dream Team”
> Set 2 Big Band 9pm
> Trumpets: Dave Nudik, Rob Planck, Gianni marinucci, Steve Grant
> Trombones: Dave Palmer, Nick Mulder, Eric Budd, dan Gordon
> Saxes: Ken schroder, James Bradley, Paul Van Ross, Remco Keijzer,
> Benny hughes
> Rhythm Section: Andrew James (piano), James Sherlock (guitar), Dean
> adison (bass) Liam O’leary (drums)
> New Chart
> There is always at least one new chart.
> This time, it’s a longish one called Rhapsody for the Duke.
> My attention was drawn to various versions of Duke Ellington’s
> Creole Rhapsody (1931), the Duke’s first
> attempt to write jazz that used longer forms.
> my investigations tell me that he was studying with a classical
> teacher and was drawn to Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, and An
> American in paris and adopted some of the structures that are used
> in these “long form” compositions.
> The Ellington band recorded the piece twice in 1931 and the versions
> are quite different, so that many versions of the tune nowadays only
> use a bit of the original
> But Ellington went on to write many more ‘long form” pieces, like
> The Tattoed Bride,and Black, brown and Beige etc etc.
> This new chart uses what I think is the best part of Creole
> Rhapsody, with Harlem Air shaft and a bit of The Tattoed Bride, but
> rather than being a mere medley of Ellington favourites,
> I had a crack at putting it together with some ideas drawn from
> classical forms.
> See what you make of it!
> Repertoire
> It’s the festive season, the repertoire of the band includes
> plenty of scope for the many soloists to strut their stuff.
> From Count Basie to Gil Evans charts, with some Schroder originals
> we promise to blow you away.
> The new cD “Cubism” will be on sale.
> The kitchen will be open.
> the bar is there.
> Bookings: 9654 5711
> See you there,
> Ken

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