Schroder’s Humble Big Band at Kelvin Club on Tuesday 7 March

A message to let you know about the next gig with Schroder’s Huble Big Band at Kelvin Club.

Melbourne Place (off Russell St between Bourke and Lt Collins Sts on the east side)

Tuesday 7 March

Set 1 7.30 pm
Small band with Ken and the rhythm section

Set 2 9pm
17 piece big band
A fine band of humble troubadours putting aside their human frailties to
bring you enjoyment through dynamic jazz music with swing , rhythm, hipness and less microphones
than have ever been seen or unseen in the world of entertainment before.

Old and new, Slow and Fast, loud and Soft, happy and Not So Happy, this band has it all covered.

All we need is for you to come along and make our lcollective life complete.

Food and beverages available.
(also CDs)

Bookings strongly recommended.

9654 5711

$30 (cash please)