Kelvin Club big band like a Phoenix from the Ashes soon to rise again (Tuesday 28/6)

Hi all,
this is a group email to let you know about a gig.

Schroder’s Big Band will rise again on Tuesday 28/6.

All the same muso’s are still involved and I return after a miracle recovery from
some hospital bookings in Hobart.

The same format:
Set 1
7.30 pm
Ken with the rhythm section

Set 2
Schroder’s Big band (17 piece)

Some new pieces, some old,
lots of space for great soloists.
Dynamics (loud and soft)
Consonance and dissonance
Maybe even a few smiles.
Suck it and see!

By the way, two of the new tunes had working titles until something more charming
occurred to me.
“Up the Creek” has grown into “Joy Swing” and “Feeling’ a bit Crook”
is now “That Sinking Feeling”

I knew i was on a winner when a Beatles tragic told me that “Yesterdays” started out as “Scrambled Eggs”.

Don’t forget:
Entrance Fee: $25 (cash)
Booking is advisable
Ring 9645 5711
or go to <>

Kitchen open from around 6.30 pm