July Show – Kelvin Club

Schroder’s Big Band
at The Kelvin Club
Melbourne Pl (runs off Russell St between Bourke and Lt Collins on the east side)
Melbourne pl has a dogleg and the Kelvin Club is around the corner  and down the end.

Being a club  you’ll need to be signed in and there will be helpful people at the door to make that easy.
$10 charge is mainly to cover the costs of the venue (bar staff etc) you can still support the band by buying cds.

2 sets
7.30 pm small band ken Schroder  and Gianni Marinucci  plus rhythm section
Running some interesting material from recent  memorial gig for Herb Geller.

9 pm big band
17 piece, great soloists.
instrumental, unplugged
Repertoire includes Schroder originals, and gems from Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Gil Evans and even “Swingmatism” from Jay McShan!

food available,  and bar.

come along and make our first gig in this charming venue a night to remember (no, not like the Titanic, we’ll leave that to Clive)