Paris Cat Show – May 2014

Paris Cat, 6 Goldie Pl, Melbourne

Wed 28 May :: 9-11 pm

bookings online (google Paris Cat to book)

Ken Schroder received assistance from the Australia Council to go and study with American saxophonist herb Geller for a month or so  in 1983. Herb had moved to Europe and was playing for the radio orchestra in hamburg.

He was a most generous man and taught Ken for free as well as taking him to small clubs like Dennis’s Swing Club to jam and even put him on a gig which included the great trumpeter Benny Bailey. He insisted on paying ken for that gig.

“That Geller Feller”, a title borroed from one of herb’s many recordings is to remember herb who  passed away a few months ago at the age of 85. Repertoire will include some of the tunes which  he loved to play, some that he wrote and tunes connected with his peers like Clifford Brown, Benny Carter and others, along with a few anecdotes about this very helpful teacher and musician.

The band:

ken Schroder – reeds

Gianni Marinucci – trumpet

David Allardice – piano

Frank Disario- bass

hugh harvey- drums