Schroder’s Big Band at the Kelvin Club next week on 7th March

this is a group email to remind you that Schroder’s Big Band plays again next week at: The Kelvin Club
Melbourne Place (off Russell St between Bourke & Lt Collins on the east side).

Set 1 7.30 pm
Ken and the rhythm section doing the warm up.

Set 2 9 pm
The 17 piece band lifts off.

What’s cooking?
Apart from the dining options available, the band performs 10 charts
including two which are brand new, one featuring David Allardice on piano and the other is a showcase for Eric Budd on trombone.
Mozart may seem an unlikely participant in the jazz world but see what you think after you’ve heard “thanks to Wolfy”.
The trombone feature is an adaptation of a piece by the legendary J J Johnsonand has the unfortunate title of “Me Too”.
It was recorded in sextet format in the late 50s but now has been beefed up to the big band size with a nice surprise at the end.

Ellington/Tizol, Basie, Mulligan,Dameron, Burt and Schroder’s “Ballad for the Bush” make up the rest of the set.
Oh yes, there’s also “Ostrich Walk”written before 1920, made famous by Bix Beiderbecke, but done in the
“New Bottle, Old Wine” style of Gil Evans.(I had a crack at that style on this occasion).

But the arrangements are merely a vehicle for our great soloists, too many to name individually here.

Unamplified, swinging, all sorts, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll damn near fly at the Kelvin on Tuesday 7 March.

Bookings strongly recommended:
9654 5711