Schroders Big Band CD launch at Kelvin Club on Tuesday 20/6

Begin forwarded message:

From: Kenneth Schroder <ken.schroder47>

Subject: Schroders Big Band CD launch at Kelvin Club on Tuesday 20/6

Date: 14 May 2023 at 11:23:08 am AEST

Greetings and modulations,
this is a group email to let you know about the upcoming launch of the album “It Can Be Arranged” available as a double CD or download at the gig on Tuesday 20/6.
CDs will be on sale (cash) at the gig.
For downloads you’ll need to look at the website
where you will see a range of available music, also available from Bandcamp (downloads)

The Gig
Tuesday 20/6
Kelvin Club
Melbourne Place (off Russell St between Lt Collins and Bourke St)
Set 1 7.330 small band
Set 2 9pm big band

you may have been present when we recorded a night of music 12 months ago.
it was a big night with much audience enthusiasm
With sound engineer James Clark we also recorded some sessions at the club on the preceding Sunday without audience and now we have enough music to put on 2 CDs.

A range of material including originals by Schroder as well as transcriptions of some of the great arrangers of jazz (Gil Evans, Gerry mulligan, Ellington/Strayhorn)
pop tunes, “classical” music, bebop, dixieland, treated in unusual ways; it’s all possible, ‘It Can Be Arranged”
Lots of room for soloists and we have tons of those too.

On 20/6 we’ll play a selection from the album as well as a brand new one (there’s always a new one)
this time springing from the artistry of mary Lou W
BarCome along and check that out as well as the “oldies”.

Food and drinks available
Best if you book:
Kelvin Club 9654 5711