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Fwd: SCHRODER’S BIG BAND at KELVIN CLUB on Tuesday 4 December

> Hi ,
> this is a group email to let you know about a gig.
> SCHRODER’S BIG BAND at the KELVIN CLUB (Melbourne lane, off Russell
> St, between Bourke and Lt Collins Sts, City on the east side)
> Tuesday 4 December
> 2 Sets
> Set 1 7.30pm Small Group
> Schroder with the rhythm section “The Dream Team”
> Set 2 Big Band 9pm
> Trumpets: Dave Nudik, Rob Planck, Gianni marinucci, Steve Grant
> Trombones: Dave Palmer, Nick Mulder, Eric Budd, dan Gordon
> Saxes: Ken schroder, James Bradley, Paul Van Ross, Remco Keijzer,
> Benny hughes
> Rhythm Section: Andrew James (piano), James Sherlock (guitar), Dean
> adison (bass) Liam O’leary (drums)
> New Chart
> There is always at least one new chart.
> This time, it’s a longish one called Rhapsody for the Duke.
> My attention was drawn to various versions of Duke Ellington’s
> Creole Rhapsody (1931), the Duke’s first
> attempt to write jazz that used longer forms.
> my investigations tell me that he was studying with a classical
> teacher and was drawn to Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, and An
> American in paris and adopted some of the structures that are used
> in these “long form” compositions.
> The Ellington band recorded the piece twice in 1931 and the versions
> are quite different, so that many versions of the tune nowadays only
> use a bit of the original
> But Ellington went on to write many more ‘long form” pieces, like
> The Tattoed Bride,and Black, brown and Beige etc etc.
> This new chart uses what I think is the best part of Creole
> Rhapsody, with Harlem Air shaft and a bit of The Tattoed Bride, but
> rather than being a mere medley of Ellington favourites,
> I had a crack at putting it together with some ideas drawn from
> classical forms.
> See what you make of it!
> Repertoire
> It’s the festive season, the repertoire of the band includes
> plenty of scope for the many soloists to strut their stuff.
> From Count Basie to Gil Evans charts, with some Schroder originals
> we promise to blow you away.
> The new cD “Cubism” will be on sale.
> The kitchen will be open.
> the bar is there.
> Bookings: 9654 5711
> See you there,
> Ken

In previous years:

Spring has done a gig for the MJAC (Jazz Co-Op) each year at Bennett's Lane or The Paris Cat for the past 5 years. Spring has also done a regular stint at the Bell Awards which herald the beginning of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. Spring occasionally did gigs at Dizzy's or Paris Cat during recent years.

In 2008 Ken did a tour of regional Victoria with 'General Store' - Annemarie Sharry (vocals), Pierre Jaquinot (guitar), Ian Wilmot (bass).

In the years 2002-2005, Ken did a series of gigs at the Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder.
Jazz Food and Wine.. Themes included:

Parisian Swing (with Andy Baylor - gtr/violin) music from the Hot Club of France etc.
Bebop (w. Gil Askey - tpt) the music of Bird and Diz.
Black and Blue (w. Dave Williamson - vocals) songs from the jazz/blues of the '30s.
Soul (w. Dave Williamson - vocals) songs from Otis Redding, Percy Sledge et al.
Some Like It Hot (w. Paul Van Ross - reeds) music from the Billy Wilder film.
From Fellini to Mancini (w. film music that suits jazz improvisation.
Cool Yule (w. Rebecca Barnard - vocals) jazzed up Christmas songs.
Primavera (w. Shelley Scown - vocals) songs of Spring.
Autumn Serenade (w. Michelle Nicolle) songs about Autumn etc.
Samba (w. Shelley Scown) samba/bossa nova - Jobim, Bonfa and lots more.

Another regular has been the trip to Camperdown west of Melbourne with Andy Baylor to play with Peter Daffy at gigs in the country... rock with a bit of jazz and a bit of this and that.

At the 2007 MIJF, Ken did a duo with David Allardice for a lunchtime recital at BMW Edge. They performed tunes from "Conception" (George Shearing) to Opinao (a Brazilian tune.)

Ken had a band called Emanon that did quite a few season's at the Night Cat around the year 2000. A sextet, this band consisted of sax, piano, guitar, bass, drums and percussion and played jazz for dancing with a latin emphasis.

Other offshoots were More than Mambo with a bigger frontline (added trumpet and trombone) as well as Rebecca Barnard, vocals. This band also did a Mambo night for the Melbourne Festival some time back when the emphasis that year was on dancing.

For more info on earlier successes, see Ken's biography.

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